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P2W provides a convincing and adventurous opportunity for community members to allow knowledge to lead them into to self and social impact locally, nationally, and globally.


African American children from low-income homes are three times more likely to be poor, and are at greater risk for illiteracy. P2W exists as seeds and water that combat those probabilities in order to see urban and impoverished communities thrive, where people of color are significantly more likely to live in high-poverty neighborhoods, even if they themselves are not poor.

Participants are paid to meet with mentors to read and discuss the material they read. Participants then embark on many opportunities to serve the communities in which they live as well as their regional, national, and global community. Pages To Wages exists to initiate the first step of self and social responsibility, knowledge, awareness, and education, and to cultivate the next step, action.


Participants are paid to read.

Stimulate Literacy & Education

Participants have access to a plethora of books to read in order to educate themselves in areas of self and social awareness and responsibility, simultaneously significantly impacting the community's literacy rate.

Topic Discussion

Participants engage in meaningful discussions of the significance and application of what they read.



Increase Community Value

Participants engage in community relationships with mentors from the immediate environment who are apart of the program for the sake of care, nurture, and accountability.

Participants engage in opportunities that apply the knowledge they gain to their immediate, global, and national context for the sake of enhancing the social, economic, and political well-being of their community.

Participants have a first hand role in increasing the social, economic, and political impact and value of their community and go on to be aware and active community members and activists.


P2W exists in urban and impoverished communities where many essential institutions necessary for thriving may not exist.

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